All Over Again, All Over Again

by Delmer Darion

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released February 28, 2015

Created by Tom Lenton and Oliver Jack

Mixed and mastered by Tom Lenton

Artwork by Oliver Jack

With many thanks to Emily Burns, Posy Curless, Matt Good and Rosie Cava-Beale.



all rights reserved


Delmer Darion UK

Delmer Darion are a two piece alternative electronic band based in Exeter and Bath.

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Track Name: Paris Street (ft. Emily Burns)
We strung a dusk and tried to smile
And hoped the morning would come bright,
The skin you touched all came to light.

I bite my nails until they bleed,
I blame myself for everything.
(You don’t know the quiet peace you bring).

When you left I fumbled home,
The sun set over the same roads
That held us closer for a while.
I watched the headlights spin and dive,
Struggling to keep dry.

The moon bleeds through to boil bone,
It saw me walk away alone.
The stairs stretched further than I dared,
I fell apart without you there.
(You don’t know the quiet peace you bring).

(Stay, precious day, light your way,
Stay a while, stay a while,
When you're gone, people cry,
Soaring wings, soaring wings,
Touch my mind, touch my mind,
When you're gone, people cry)

I’ve kept a bag with all our things,
I’m hoping they still mean something.

(You teach all our children not to lie).

I love you more than I could say,
And that gets harder every day,

(You don’t know the quiet peace you bring
And flowers you kiss all come to light,
You don’t know the quiet peace you bring
And maybe one day we’ll fly).
Track Name: Beat 54
(But the fool on the hill sees the…)

My inhibition slowly...
...leaves like pear drops on the...
Treason tastes like smoke, like...
...we’d try to catch the ones that...
Bleed the feeling, fuck the... for things we help make...
Barely feeling, are you...
... there’s a will you can’t compare

Hell is full of fools like me
Hello autumn, what d’you see?
Track Name: Good Morning, I Love You
It’s not the end
Though it’s not clear
I am still here
You’re my best friend,

Though it’s not clear,
It’s not the end.
You’re my best friend,
I am still here.
Track Name: Wolves (ft. Emily Burns)
The dark cuts straight through us
And it talks to the dead
And fear grows inside us
There are wolves in these beds
The walls whisper “wreck me”
And I feel every hack
The claws swell inside me
I can’t talk, but I won’t crack
I won’t let the wolves come back

With a heavy grin
They tear at our backs
They push on our temples
And they wait till we’re wracked
And I’ll feel so tired
I’ll let them attack
But they gush like rain
‘Cause they lie where they lack
Let them sink beside you
Let them soften to black
I won’t let the wolves come back
I won’t let the wolves come back

When I’m with you walls collapse
Light pours through suspended black
I won’t let these wolves come back

I’m sorry it’s not been easier,
Believe me, it will be.
Track Name: Waste
So now my car’s limping,
Eyelids and tyres sinking.
Sometimes we agree
But now that’s hard to see,
And this effort smothers me.

What’s left to waste now?
I think it’s all right.

So I’ll grow to the floor,
The roots will seal the door
And I will get to sleep
And dream of wedding rings.
And I won’t feel a thing.

What’s left to waste now?
I think it’s all right.

I have to admit
I wasn’t ready for this

What’s left to waste now?
Tell me it’s all right
Or tell me to face this now
And say it’s not right
‘Cause I think it’s all right